Why Come to Camp?

According to some, camp can be a beneficial reprieve from the everyday, “tech heavy life.” We have become outdoor education enthusiasts and understand that the benefits of being in the outdoors are huge! Through research we have learned that ADD, ADHD, depression and other like disorders are lessened by being in the out-of-doors. We teach, God is speaking through His creation and He wants us to stop and listen! Kids love nature! When they are taken out by our staff they see little things; A simple lesson on ants or bark beetles, fungus, fletching, gravity, hydro system and many other things nature can teach us! Family can reconnect with each other and with God during our Family Camp! We want to show you through our classes and programs that worship and personal devotions are still important! The future with our children connected with God depends on our modeling, “God is important in daily life!” Friendships are formed at camp that last a life time! I still remember going to camp in New York, Washington and Ohio! I am still in contact with those friends. Come to camp this summer! Enjoy the outdoors and create friendships that will last a lifetime.